Selling Dead Peoples Things


Recently on the Cocktail Nation I had the chance to talk to Dwayne Scott Cerny 

about his book Selling Dead People’s Things :Inexplicibly True Tales, Vintage 

Fails and Objectionable Estates.

What a character, a man of great knowledge about all things vintage and a 

man who has some amazing tales to tell about the world that is vintage, estate 

sales and collecting.


If you have done any collecting you will immediately identify with the fact that 

there are many  interesting people in this world, some might astound you, some 

might shock you and some you will become great friends with. 

Duane Scott Cerny covers all this off in his book Selling Dead Peoples Things 

which takes you on a  rollercoaster journey of stories from selling rare Playboy 

original prints whilst at school to making friends with an  eccentric second hand 

dealer and the struggles of holding onto a business premise and starting over 

again. This is a must have for all vintage collectors who scour the second hand 

and charity stores on the weekend, I promise you will know all these interesting