Cocktail Nation  500  Jackie Gleason For Lovers Only


Well I’ve been a fan of Jackie Gleason music for a long time and I have always thought there was a lack of information about this. Well thankfully James Spencer has put together a book all about this amazing mans music! 

We check out some cool stories in Lounge life magazine and a request coming our way along with the World Of Swank gig guide.

Nutty-Magic Trade Ride

Daniel Pemberton-In Vogue

Jackie Gleason-Me And My Shadow

James Spencer-Bittersweet

Octobop-Love Me Or Leave Me

Joey Altruda-Tiara Tango

Laura Ainsworth-It’s A Nuisance Having You Around

Lalo Schifrin -Mission Impossible

Mambo Zombies-Antigua

Metrolites-Banana République 

SG Sound-First Contact

John Barry-Underground Lair

Desmond Quartet-Take Five


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