Cocktail Nation  501  James Dean


This week talking to an author who has a mission to get several movie stars recognised by the academy and he’s just written about James Dean so a look at the reasons this man should be celebrated ….in our dear Koop segment a postcard arrived, a look at lounge life magazine and a new audio book I’ve been listening to

Mike Freeman-House Of Vibes

Vivian Lee -Wives And Lovers

Rachel Caswell-Devil May Care

Piero Piccioni-Playgirl 70

John Barry -Cafe Martinique 

Alien Fashion Show-Cool Thing

Royal Crown Revue-Datin With No Dough

Kenny Sasaki-Ponape

Daniela Schacter-Come Fly With Me

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet-Bossa Nova Eyes

Don Ralke- Zulu Magic

Martini Kings-Zou Biscou Biscou

David Carbonara-The Twenty Third Floor


Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 7.48.38 pm