Cocktail Nation 506 Spyvibe-The Liquidator

Jason Whiton is back from to talk about the film the Liquidator plus we find out about a new mid western tiki festival, a story of a message in a bottle, the world of swank gig guide and our segment dear Koop

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Frank Bennett-Material Girl

Naughty Ones-Azurte

Lalo Schifrin-The Killer

Clouseaux -Nocktopia

Bobby Darin -Fly Me To The Moon

David Rose-Sunset Strip

Frank Sinatra-Taking A Chance On Love

Robert Drasnin- Luz De La Luna

Hugo Montenegro-Solo Bossanova

Pink Martini-City Of Night

Metrolights-Man From Metro

Les Baxter -This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet

Pete Rugolo- Worse Than Murder

Janet Seidel-Mr Lucky

Art Van Damme-Cheers

Stolen Idols-On Tonga Shores