Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Places

Ahh places…that’s where I like to go, exotic names, exotic places and exotic people. sometimes extraordinary and sometimes just interesting. Lets pack an overnight bag and get going!

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Les Baxter -Shanghai Rickshaw

Mantovani-April in Portugal

Julie London-Memphis In June

Julie London-Lonely Night In Paris

Buddy Greco-Sumertime in Venice

Dave Pell Octet- Isle Of Capri

Anita Darian- Chinese Lullaby

Jackie Gleason-On A Slow Boat To China

Warren Barker-Junk City Hong Kong

Lewis Sister- Moonlight In Vermont

Martini Kings-Winds Of Walkaloa

Mantovani-Arrivederci Roma

Richard Lennox-Waterfront

Brent Laidler-Downtown By Nine

Christopher Hollyday-Autumn in New York

Salome De Bahia-Bossa Rio

Stolen Idols-Tonga Sunset