Cocktail Nation 510-Best Of The Best Product Releases 2018

A busy year this year with many new releases, new events, books both fiction and non fiction along with services to talk about as we round out the year with our annual look at what and who we were talking about in 2018.

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Nutty -Nutty-That Old Black Magic Woman

Martini Kings- A Deadly Vice

#Book-The Music of Jackie Gleason: For Lovers Only

#Book- Soundscape

#Book- Cocktail Piano Companion

James Spencer-Bitter Sweet

Daniel Pemberton-In Vogue

# Website-Critiki

#Event- Malihini Tiki Festival

Tiki Torches-Quiet Village

Jimmy Psycho- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

#Book-Omni hut

#Book-Dirk Daiquiri -Our Lady Of San Francisco

Tiki Delights-Fashionably Late Again

Vivien Lee-The Man I love

Jimmy Psycho—Holiday In Cambodia

# new magazine – Exotica Moderne

John Coltrane- Nature Boy

Joey Altruda- The Knockaround

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