Thank You For A Wonderful 2018!

Every year I love to look back and see what I have managed to achieve in the world of Lounge, I find it to be inspirational and I certainly encourage you to put together your own list as it really makes you reflect on the year and forces you to think about all the great things that occurred in the year.

For me I think that one of the most interesting things is that I have managed to increase the output of shows coming out of the Cocktail Nation studios by releasing three shows a week, it’s certainly a feat that no other show has been able to match and one which takes dedication, creativity organisation to pull off. If you had have told me a few years ago that I would be doing this I probably would have thought you were mad and wanting to send me to an early grave! Alas I managed to find a way to do this without going mad and I must say I really enjoy doing the extra shows. This Cocktail Nation Evenings at the Penthouse was born and in reality it was born out of my love for the  cocktail jazz which I thought didn’t fit into the weekend shows along with the fact that there was nobody else doing it at the time.  My original plan was that it was just going to be a podcast but then three new stations came knocking and now the show is run on Bangwave radio, KTLO and the Breeze along with Bob Perry’s Penthouse radio which now takes both shows. What an achievement and one that I am so proud to be associated with each and every week.

My other big news was that I came up with the idea to create a monthly Lounge Special which will continue into 2019. These segments are part of the weekend lineup and take a look in-depth at some of the interesting characters from the past. What an amazing thing to have as part of the lineup!

I have a stack more planned and produced and ready to go for the new year.

For the internet world the Lounge Life magazine was re badged and the out put doubled with even more subscribers to this Flipboard platform subscribing which is fantastic and speaking of magazines I was proud to be featured in Jason Crofts Bachelor Pad magazine which was a real pleasure. Thanks to Jimmy Vargas for putting this venture together.

One other piece of magazine news I must mention is the successful acceptance of the Cocktail Nation news feed in Apple News which really gives Lounge and retro culture a  space in one of the biggest news platforms on globe.

On the writing front I finally managed after two years to complete the second Licardo Prince Novella called “A Blind and Evil Mission”. As you can imagine, trying to fit this into my busy schedule has been a real challenge but thankfully I managed to take some time away from the show to really get down to business and finish it. Whilst the book is not as long as I would have liked, what I have found is a real passion for a short story which moves along nicely and doesn’t take up a lot of your time to read it. Hopefully one day in the future this series (yes more are planned) may just become a Television series.

Thankfully the Cocktail Nation Universe keep growing with more and more people going the social pages I have set up on various platforms and when speaking of growth one cannot ignore the fact that the stats for Cocktail Nation podcast listening keeps one growing making it one of the most successful podcasts in the Lounge and Tiki scene which truly is inspiring and rewarding.

Finally thank you to all the dedicated listeners who consume the Cocktail Nation products, those who listen each week and those who write to me each and every week, without you there would not be a show so thank you!