Leave The Duke Alone


There have been calls to remove John Wayne’s name from the Orange County Airport after inflammatory quotes resurfaced from an interview the actor did in Playboy Magazine in 1971.

Magazine writer Richard Warren Lewis conducted the interview at Wayne’s home in Newport Beach. I disagree with removing his name or statue from the airport.


Today there is an attempt from some parts of society,  in what seems to be an organised conspiracy,  to wipe out the past because it does not fit our narrative in a PC world.

Try as they might to wipe out the inconvenient truths they will never succeed fully as history is well documented and will continue to fascinate the public. 

The fact is that people, life, society and history is messy and removing statues of Civil War heroes, conquerors, and Imperialist pioneers will not change the past. 

In the case of John Wayne I have got some shocking news for you, his opinions were widespread and I am pretty sure your lovely grandparents who baked you cookies on a Sunday afternoon most probably felt the same way. Now I am not justifying any attitudes of the past nor am I willing to condemn people for them. The reality is that even opinions we have today are very likely to not be popular with people in the future. 

Let us focus on the achievements of great figures in history and forget about delving deep into their past to pull them down in an attempt to perhaps make ourselves feel better or worse still to sanitise history and only raise up certain people who fit our narrative of the twenty-first century.