Cocktail Nation 519 Spyvibe -Public Eye

Jason Whiton is back from to talk about Public Eye, we have some new stations taking the cocktail nation, a look at the world of swank gig guide with a stack of gigs on the agenda and

In dear Koop a new subscriber has written to me

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Stefon Harris-Sophistry

Kent Miller Quartet-The Cat

Robert Sharpies-Public Eye

Three Suns -Fever

Enoch Light-Swamp Fire

Pink Martini-Tempo Perdido

O Som Do Jazz-Batucada

Sir Julien-Dansero

Clouseux-Search For A Vulcan

Codenme Carter -Muhamat’s Vault

Franco Altissimi-Lounge Bossa

Octobop- Jazz Goes To Shiwash

Billy May -Perfidia