Where is Koop?

I’ve had a few messages via the email and social media asking where I’ve been and why it’s been quiet in the Cocktail Nation World. Well, I’ve been on a European trip on a holiday/business trip.

My travels have taken me to lovely Venice where I stayed right on the canal in an old mansion owned which is now a hotel called Hotel Cassiano.

The previous owner of the property was a local artist. This is a very large mansion and I can’t imagine what it would have looked like in its heyday. Below is a plaque commemorating the original owner.

The view from my room was spectacular and every day was a wonderful moment to awake and see beautiful Venice in the morning. Interestingly there are very few local residents anymore as most moved away because of the influx of tourists over the last few decades. That said it is still a marvellous little place with many stories to tell. A place where Casanova wandered the tiny alleyways!

Whilst in Venice I had the chance to enjoy a cool little Jazz Club and spin some discs for the local and international jazz fans.

The local Venetian Jazz are very enthusiastic!

After Venice I took off on a brief cruise to Croatia and Montenegro

Eventually, I made it to Rome to explore this romantic city!