Cocktail Nation 526-Lounge Special-Bob Newhart


Another Lounge Special this week and we focus on Bob Newhart’s life and career, our World of Swank gig is chockablock with cool things to attend, and we take a look at the headlines from Lounge Life Magazine

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Worldwide Harmonics-Bachelor Pad

Dave Pike-Jetset

Warren Wolf-Chelsea Bridge

Charlie Steinman Orchestra- Tricky Dicky

Ricky Derek – I Melt With You

Ellington Hawk-Harlem Nocturne

Beat Generation-Beatnik Lounge

Swingerhead-She Could Be A Spy

Sarah Vaughan-One Mint Julep 

Mancini-Something For Cat

Martini Kinds-Desifinado

Louisville Sluggers-Blow It Baby

Heather Rigdon-I Like My Coffee Black

Machiniso-Percusso Frenzy

Narco Lounge Combo-Taboo

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.13.15 am