Cocktail Nation 528- Spyvibe Spy Special


Something different this week after a few requests to do another spy special so I thought why not play all songs we have played with our Spyvibe special each month. Jason will stop by to chat a little bit as well.

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Superhero Theme Players-High Wire

Barry Gray -UFO

Jerry Goldsmith-You’re A Foolish Man Mr Flint

Peter Thomas-District X 

Hugo Montenegro-Man From UNCLE

John Barry -Ipcress File

Ron Greener-Prisoner Theme

Laurie Johnson-Avengers Theme

Lionsclub-Theme From The Saint

John Barry-On Her Majestys Secret Service

George Martin-the Bitter End, You Can’t Do That

Lalo Schifrin-The Killer

Bruno Nicolai-Sabina Mollase

Raymond Alessandri-Theme De Fantomas

Naruyoshi Kikuchi-The Woman Called Fujiko

Robert Sharples-Public Eye

Jerry Land -Piero Ulimilani main titles

David and Jonathan-Modesty Blaise

John Barry-James Bond

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.13.49 am