Cocktail Nation  533 Spy vibe-Danger Man


Jason Whiton from is back this week talking Spy’s and this week a look at Danger Man and speaking of Spys I know how much you love Spy Jazz so all of the show this week will be Spy tunes.

We gather some Deep Thoughts again in the new Segment Koop Goes Deep, a look at the World Of Swank Gig Guide

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Mark Doyle-Man From Uncle

Bruno Nikoli-Spy Chase

Spy Fi-Black Tie Spy

Alex Khaskin-Austin Powers

Kenny Sasaki-Jill The Spy

Hollywood Film Music Orchestra-Alley Cats

Chaquito And His Orchestra-I Spy

Si Zentner-From Russia With Love

Roland Shaw-Theme From The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Spy Royale-Themes From the UnderWorld-Spy Royale

Hugo Montenegro-Goldfinger

Beatnik Lounge-Spy Time

Skip Hellers Hot Seven-Spy Perfume

Robby Poitevin-The Syndicate

Piero Piccioni-Colpo Rovente

Ennio Morricone-Ill Successo

Gino Conte-Afro Swing

Gianni Boncompagni-Corri Corri

Swingerhead-She Could Be A Spy

Escape-Ira Taxin

Mike Carubia-Paparazzi


Danger Man podcast