Cocktail Nation  534 Guitar Noir


This week we talk to Mark Doyle about his new album Guitar Noir and play some of his amazing music and speaking of music I am playing all new artists that you can see playing anywhere across the world. Our segment Dear Koop and Koop goes deep is back plus a look at the world of Swank gig guide

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Gretje Angell-One Note Samba

Rebeckah Victoria-Twisted

Mark Doyle-Thirteen Crimes

Luke Gillespie-This I Dig Of You

Denise Donatelli -When Lights Are Low

Miki Yamanaka-Fake Hero

Yamit And the Vinyl Blvd-Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby

Ellington Hawk-Harlem Nocturne

Laura Ainsworth-Midnight Sun

John Garland- Sway 

Ej Decker-Autumn In New York