Cocktail Nation 541 Spyvibe Blowup /Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Album Release


Big show this week with Jason Whiton back from to talk about the film Blow Up and we talk to Karen Simpson from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited about the new album Studio 37, we check out the World Of Swank gig guide and do some thinking with Koop Goes Deep

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Nutty -Purple Panther

Mambo Zombies-Antiqua

Johnny Mandel-Temple Of The Clouds

Mark Doyle-Noir Alley

Shirley Bassey -Goldfinger

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Nubian Wasp

SG Sound-A Latin Affair

Don Ralke-Love Walked In

Roberto Pregadio-Lena Sequence

Martini Kings-Take Five

O Som Do Jazz-Nana

Mary Anne Anderson-Azur -Te

Neal Hefti-Cherry Point

blow-up image