Evenings At The Penthouse-Love On The Rocks

Heartbreak is part of life, so let’s celebrate it tonight in a cocktail jazz kind of way as only lounge lotharios could possibly deal with a broken heart.

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Julie London-Guess Who I Saw Today

Chet Baker-The Night We Called It Day

Marilyn Monroe-I’m Through With Love

Stacy Kent- No Moon At All

Beegie Adair-By Myself

Diana Ross -You’ve Changed

James Spencer-Bittersweet

Mel Torme- It’s A Blue World

Frank Sinatra- Don’t Stand A Ghost of a Chance With You

Sue Randy-When Your Lover Has Gone

Trin Oosterhuis -A House is Not Home

Third Wave=Don’t Ever Go

Rene Raff-Willow Weep For Me

Anne Phillips-I’ve Got To Pass Your House

Jane Monheit- If You Went Away

Frank Sinatra -When No One Cares

Bill Evans – She’s Different

Beegie Adair- All by Myself

Chet Baker-Sad Walk

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