Where is Koop and where is the Cocktail Nation?

Well, I am back home now after a long and relaxing holiday and the first Cocktail Nation of the year kicks off on Saturday the 8th of Feb with Jeff Chenault stoping by the Penthouse to talk about his new book.

I must also say that I am pleased to announce that our three regulars will be back onboard for the start of the Twenties. Our Movie man Kramer brings his classic movie suggestions back to help with the Saturday programming in your Pad, we also have Jason Whiton back talking Spy stufffor this year from Spyvibe plus Gary Wells rejoins the show to bring his book recommendations to us from Soul Ride blog.

In other news there will now be three Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse shows each and every week so including our special chat show that is the weekend edition of the Cocktail Nation this will mean four releases each week! We also have a Lounge Special each month plus a season of Anatomy Of A Lounge Lothario is in the works.

I’ve got some exciting guests lined up for you in 2020 with some brand new artists that you may not have ever heard about to grace the airwaves Direct from the Penthouse Daddy -O!