Cocktail Nation 547-Ohio Tiki

Jeff Chenault is back with a new book on Ohio Tiki as we return for the year with our regular segments like World of Swank Gig Guide, Koop goes deep and from time to time I will bring you a new thing….Word jazz with Koop….exciting news with of a stack of new releases for the year so I thought we should play some of the new music you can pick up and stay tuned for upcoming interviews with the artists we are playing tonight who will all be making an appearance on the show for 2020


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Tiki Delights- Midnight Sandy Samba

Baby Grand-Pan Am To Cannes

Unexotic- Lost Islanders

Mattias Uneback Starfish

Mustard Allegro Hair Of The Dog

Super Trombone Mission Impossible Theme

James Carter Organ Trio – Anouman

Mitch and Mitch- Mambo ’63.

Christopher Hollyday- You Make Me Feel So Young

Intoxika- Poinciana

Amber Weekes- It’s All Right With Me

Virginia Schenck- Bali Hai

Dave Miller Trio- Just Imagine