Cocktail Nation 548 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

And here we are back again for week two of the season and Kramer is back to talk about a film we didn’t get to talk about due to it’s late release here in Australia and that is once upon a time in Hollywood which is now out on Netflix, we continue with more new music this week from some bands that got in touch over the break.

Augie Colon-Primitiva

Ixtahuele-Ili Pika

Baby Grand – Azure

Mustard Alegro-How To Get To The Top Of The Stairs In Ten Easy Steps

M-Squad- Mission Impossible

Mattias Uneback- Starfish

Unexotic- Misirlou

Mitch and Mitch – Samba Goes On.

Tiki Torches-Green Fire

Kenny Sasaki- The Undercover Man

Christopher Hollyday- Paid Time Off

The Sharps- From Russia With Love

Virginia Schenck- Blue Monk

Pat Longo- Come What May