Cocktail Nation 553- Words With Wellsy


Koop Kooper voluntarily self-isolating high in the penthouse with a deep freezer full of food and plenty of toilet paper!

Yes weird times we live in ….so let’s take your mind off it with some cool lounge and tiki tunes plus a good book for those bunkered down …Wellsy brings us some great suggestions tonight on the cocktail nation.


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Super Trombone- Soul Bossa Nova

Stereophonic Space sound Nubien Wasp

Sir Julien- Do You Ever Think of Me

Albare- Água De Beber

Martini Kings-Take Five

Sarah Elgetti-Crazy Destiny

Chet Baker-Chetty’s Lullaby

Amber Weekes-Mr Kicks

Coachella Valley Trio-Stranger In Paradise

Don Sargent and His Buddies- Voodoo Kiss

Mitch and Mitch- San Francisco

Leith Stevens- Sugar Bush Cha Cha

Augie Colon- Copacabana

Robert Drasnin- Kahluha Mist

timegoes byIMG_0398