Cocktail Nation  554- Spy Vibe -Phantom Agents Part 2

As we live through what seems like 1929 all over again we bring you music and fun on the Cocktail Nation so if you are feeling a little despondent we will try and bring you up again with the lounge and tiki tunes and a little bit of surf and a retro feel that hopefully will make us feel better. On the show this week Jason Whiton from brings us Phantom Agents Part 2.

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Ricki Derek- I Melt With You

Stereophonic  Space Sound Unlimited- Night Of The Jaguar

Chumei Watanabe-Thunderbolt

Chumei Watanabe-Invitation to Hell

Chumei Watanabe-Breakout

Coachella Valley Trio- Stranger In Paradise

Frank Bennett- Post Impressions

Martini Kings- A Lot Of Livin To Do

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica- Night And Day

Narco Lounge Combo- Music For Ice Rinks

Out Of Abingdon- Three Piece Suit

Tiki Delights-Fashionably Late Again

James Spencer- What I Did For Love

Martini Heaven- Tangonova

John Eric Booth- I Love You

John Di Martino- Johnny Come Lately

Pink Martini- And Then You’re Gone

Waitiki 7- Voodoo Love

Project Pimento- Peter Gunn

Phantom Agents II image