Cocktail Nation 555 – Angie Dickinson

This week a book all about Angie Dickinson on the show and we bring back my word Jazz Poems..this time one on Corona Virus, a look at the world of swank gig guide with some things rescheduled plus Lounge Life Magazine and Goops Deep thoughts as I delve deep into a controversial subject

Jimmy Vargas- Heartbreak Hotel

Mark Doyle- Noir Alley

Pat Dahl- Oh, Johnny

Sammy Davis Jr- I’m Gonna Live Till I Die

Esquivel- Andalusian Sky

World Wide Harmonics- Bachelor Pad

Joey Altruda- Cha-Cha #69

David Holmes-Lifting the Building

Gerald Beckett- Flute Vibes

Marco Turani- I Know Pepper

Ellington Hawk- Sixteen Tons

Martini Kings- Freddie The Free loader

Rebecca Dumaine-When in Rome