Cocktail Nation 578 Loungin With The Tiki Delights

There are so many great people in the Lounge and Tiki scene and I love when people release, build or design something and when it comes to Musicians there are few that can keep up with Darren Long from the Tiki Delights and he is back again to talk about his latest album Loungin with the Tiki Delights

A couple of emails through to the penthouse so we will check out Dear Koop, World of Swank gig guide and of course the latest out of Lounge Life Magazine

Me, Me Me. cocktailnation

Koop is by the beach this week on an island vacation in North Queensland so he brings you a Twilight show in which the interview subject is …Koop
  1. Me, Me Me.
  2. Evenings At The Penthouse-That First Song
  3. Evenings At The Penthouse- A Nice Smell
  4. Lounge Special -Marc Copeland
  5. Evenings At The Penthouse -A Different Century

Jet Set Sweden A Shot In the Dark

Spy Fi-Mission Impossible

The Tiki Delights-The Whole World

Simone Kopmajer-CARAVAN

Tnek jazz Quintet-Bittersuite

Pepper Greenwald- Rooftops

Lalo Schifrin-The Aftermath of Love

Johnny Mandel-Temple of the Clouds

Steve Slagle-Barbara

Moonrays- Mysterioso

Dennis Farnon- Riviera Caper

Malcolm Lokyer-Teledrama

Anne Phillips-For Heaven Sake

Ann Margret- Begin the Beguine