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Me, Me Me. cocktailnation

Koop is by the beach this week on an island vacation in North Queensland so he brings you a Twilight show in which the interview subject is …Koop
  1. Me, Me Me.
  2. Evenings At The Penthouse-That First Song
  3. Evenings At The Penthouse- A Nice Smell
  4. Lounge Special -Marc Copeland
  5. Evenings At The Penthouse -A Different Century

Mr Jason Whiton is back on the show to talk spies and this week a fantastic show out of the sixties I Spy

Our segment Dear Koop is back and a nice little surprise in the inbox to share with you.

Tiki Delights -The Whole World

Ixtahuele-Searching For Souq

Earle Hagen-Tokyo/Jean and Kelly/Jean’s Pad/Training

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Eden Awaits

Thomas Mackay-Black Orchid

Narco Lounge Combo -Drive Through Boogaloo 

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Rocket TX7

Tnek Jazz Quintet-OP

Out Of Abingdon-Three Piece Suit 

Pepper Greenwald-Rooftops

Monty Norman-Dr No’s Fantasy

Madre Vaca-Frozen

James Spencer-Nocturnal Tangier