Evenings At The Penthouse-Hell

Words With Wellsy-Colonel Sun cocktailnation

 Gary Wells is back on the show this week as we take a look at something for all all the Bond fans with another book recommendation, a story of an interesting find in a very old home in Lounge Life magazine and some swank advice in my Dear Koop segment. www.cocktailnation.net Codename- Carter – Signal in the Noise Tiki Delights-Fashionably Late AgainDanny Davis And His Orchestra-James Bond ThemeBaby Grand-Lazy Day in Saint-Tropez.Reckless Night Ensemble- PowerhouseLinda Carone-So Many Beautiful Men So Little TimeRoland Remington- If It Isn't LoveNarco Lounge Como- Drive-Through BoogalooM Squad- The AvengersJaimee Paul-That Old Black Magic Ukexotic- Shelter IsleEllen La Furn-So NiceMustard Alegro-Algernon And His Mystical Waffle Iron Go CampingKent Miller Quartet -SOS
  1. Words With Wellsy-Colonel Sun
  2. Evenings At The Penthouse-Invisible Threads
  3. Evenings At The Penthouse-Chromatic
  4. Evenings At The Penthouse-Adagio
  5. Baby Grand