Cocktail Nation 585 Mustard Allegro

This week we find out about a cool Surf Band out of Bristol called Mustard Allegro, a story of what may be the end of cinema as we know it in Lounge Life magazine and letter to the Penthouse in my Dear Koop segment. And believe it or not I have one event for the world of swank gig guide which to me is a good sign things may be heading in the right direction. And speaking of mostly being home bound I bring you a movie that whilst not a classic movie is one worth revisiting which tells the tale of the demise of the first TV superman.

Jet Set Unlimited-Man From UNCLE Theme

Giacomo Gates-Mr Kicks

Mustard Alegro-Rusty Android Franctically Searching For WD 40

Tiki Joes Ocean-Grey Jungle Reign

Matthias Uneback-Voyage Under The Sea

Octobop- Romaine

Stan Kenton-Dragonwyck

Dom Halpin-Mambo

Combustible Edison-Dior

Amedeo Tommasi-My Name Is Bond

Cal Tjader-Yesterdays

Pink Martini-Syracuse

Sir Julian -Satin Doll