Cocktail Nation 586 -Best Of The Best 2020

Well, we draw close to the conclusion of 2020 and for many that is a good thing, so this week as we finish of the season of weekend shows for the Cocktail Nation we bring you the best new releases, the interviews that went with them and the best new books that came out this year in our best of the best for 2020

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Interview-Book -Jeff Chennault -Ohio Tiki

Interview Book-Doug Brode -From Hell to Hollywood

Interview Book-James Stratton-Angie: The Life and Films of Angie Dickinson 

Interview Book-Derrick Bang ….Crime and Spy Jazz On Screen

Interview Book-Gary Rabuzzi- Our Man in Vegas


Codename- Carter – Signal in the Noise 

Tiki Delights- The Whole World

Ukexotic- Shelter Isle

M Squad- mission impossible 

Mustard Alegro-Algernon And His Mystical Waffle Iron Go Camping

Linda Carone-So Many Beautiful Men So Little Time. 

Baby Grand-Lazy Day in Saint-Tropez. 

Roland Remington- If It Isn’t Love 

Lyn Stanley-Cry Me A River

Reckless Night Ensemble-16 Pounds