Upcoming Season Of Cocktail Nation

Hey gang, well after a well deserved break on the back of a hellish 2021 I am returning to the airwaves again for another upcoming season of the Cocktail Nation for 2022 which begins Feb 12.

I am pleased to say that Gary Wells from Words With Wellsy and Jason Whiton from Spyvibe are back on board plus I have some cool things lined up for the year including a monthly season of Anatomy of a Fictional Lounge Lothario.

The first show of the year brings a review of the latest release from the Bond Franchise and coupled with that a character analysis of James Bond in Anatomy of a Fictional Lounge Lothario. Swank advice and the World Of Swank Gig guide plus the best Lounge and Exotica from across the globe.

As always if you have a new music release from your band, a book you’ve written, a gig you have planned or some art you would like exposed to the world then I would love to hear from you so make sure you get in touch by emailing thecocktailnation@gmail.com.