We Are All Too Busy

It’s interesting, I spend a lot of time  contacting people in both my business and for the Cocktail Nation and one of the most frustrating things I deal with is people not returning calls or emails.

When you eventually get them they utter things like, I am sorry, I am very busy. It’s like they are the only busy people in the world and don’t have time to respond or acknowledge.

Newsflash…We are all busy. It is somewhat frustrating when you know that the device they receive messages from is barely a foot away from them at all times.

Quite frankly it’s rude.

I too get a lot of emails and calls and if I can’t give it the time it deserves I will write back a quick message to say I am in the middle of something but will come back to them shortly.

This does two things, it shows the respect this person who reached out to me deserves and it puts them in my mind to follow up as soon as I can.

Sadly in todays fast paced world we have forgotten manners and choose silence instead of communication. There is no excuse and unfortunately it’s getting worse.

Reach one foot away and acknowledge, it’s not difficult.