Swank Advice-Just What Is A Lounge Lothario


Some Swank advice for you this week on just what is a lounge Lothario…plus we bring you the latest retro news and opinion.

It is the Cocktail nation on syndicated stations around the world and on iheart radio.


Jetset Sweden-The Man from Thrush.

Cozy Cole Big Noise from Winnetka, Pt. 1

Steve Haines – Secret Stash

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited- Bailar con Freddie R

Waitiki- The Magic Islands

Tim Mayer- Passacaglia In Swing

UkeExotic- Shelter Isle

Tnek Jazz- Unit 7

Ding Dong Devils- The Lonely Bultaco

The Exotic Lounge Lost

Dennis Farnon-Highballs At Villa Rienza

Jane Hutton-My Baby Just Cares For ME

Tikiyaki Orchestra- Dan-o’s Day Off

Preston Epps- Bongo In The Congo

Vibes On Velvet- Fever