Stop Lecturing Me Entertainment Biz

So this week the news came out that the first Black Doctor Who has been cast, an actor by the name of Ncuti Gatwa. He replaces the previous Doctor who was played by Jodie Whittaker.

It seems that today the Entertainment Biz wants us to be educated in all things Diversity and I’m finding it a little irritating. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for diversity but why do we need to have iconic characters turned inside out and changed around all so that we can become more tolerant. Why can’t we create new stories with new characters that are played by diverse actors. .Nothing wrong with that. For some strange reason those in the entertainment business are unable to create anything new, instead they take a tried and true recipe and generally ruin it with a lecturing diatribe. A friend of mine told me that his son who is twelve used to like Doctor Who but now finds the writing to be overly preachy and generally poor and now doesn’t watch it anymore. I wonder what he will think of the latest Doctor Who…that is if he ever goes back to it.

If anything it seems to me the entertainment business is doing actors of diversity a disservice by not creating vehicles that will serve them well and create legends. Instead they steal from old shows and try and re invent them so that they can “educate”. Sadly all it does is turn people away.