Cocktail Nation 439-Drinking With The Mad Men

Cocktail Nation -Drinking With The Mad Men
​Our drinks man Justin Cristaldi is back this week with a look at the history of drinks with a look at the drinking culture on the Mad Men tv show, plus we have the Swank Advice on Umbrella use…and I will tell you about my internet stalking activities of late

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited -35 Falcon Street
Tiki Joes Ocean-Baxter Pad
Swingerhead-She Could Be A Spy
Alika Lyman Group -Pua Lilia
Art Pepper – Straight Life
Budapest Radio Orchestra -I Want To Know
Neal Hefti-CherryPoint
Sir Julian -Movin At Night
Jetset Sweden-The Master
Bobby Shew-Bags Groove
Robert Drasnin- Tiki Idyll
HB Radki-Martinis and Peals
Uptown jazz Vocall Group-I Love Lucy

Swank Advice- Umbrella Etiquette

Ever been collected by a rude person with an umbrella, ain’t nothin more frustrating right! Well don’t accidently be one of those people with these Swank Advice tips!

The most important thing to remember is that umbrellas expand your personal space. You need to be aware that you’re taking up more room, and act accordingly. Don’t try and barge past groups of people while carrying an umbrella; someone will get injured. Ditto if you suddenly decide to open a large umbrella on a busy street corner. And above all, remember that people who are taller than you can get hit in the face or stabbed in the cornea by your umbrella. You staying dry is not more important than whether the tall dude standing next to you keeps his eyesight.
1950s sexy man (3)

The second thing to remember is that you might not be wet, but your umbrella probably is. Don’t dump it on the seat next to you on the bus or train; that’s effectively rendering the seat useless for other people. Even if you’re holding on to it, bear in mind that it can easily drip water onto other people. It’s not difficult to take a plastic bag with you so you can wrap up your umbrella when it’s not in use. Failing that, put it on the floor. It’s already wet and dirty, so who cares that it’s down there?

If you’re on public transport. don’t hang it over the back of the seat in front; it’ll dig into the person sitting in that seat. If you regularly take buses or trains, a golf-sized umbrella is generally a bad idea.

The third thing to remember is that not everyone else has an umbrella, and that people  want to get out of the rain quickly. The fact that you have an umbrella is not an excuse to linger dazed, especially when waiting to cross the street.

Finally, if you’re grabbing your umbrella from a stand at a shop or restaurant, remember that umbrellas look alike, so check to make sure you have the right one. And don’t be a Charlie thief and grab the one you wish was yours instead.

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-I See Dumb People

Yes they are everywhere, you meet them in the street and on the internet and on the phone…oh and in reality TV…Dumb people are everywhere these days.

Dyad-Do Not Utter A Word
Tony Bennett-There’s A Small World
Cocktail Inn-The Way You Look Tonight
Bobby Troup-Moonlight In Vermont
Three Suns-Sleepwalk
Diana Krall-I’ve Changed My Address
Cannonball Adderly-Autumn Leaves
Dexter Gordon-I Was Doing Alright
Martini Kings-Picnic
Jackie Gleason-From Russia With Love
James Spencer-Shaddowed Illusions


Cocktail Nation 438- Kramer’s Classic Movie Suggestions-All About Eve

This week we talk to Kramer about a new segment he will do with the show this year and in Swank advice we find out who gets the armrest on a flight!
And some great news with the upcoming release of a tv series based on one of the biggest feuds in entertainment.
Frank Bennett-Material Girl

Creepxotica- Incident At The Luau

Cal Trader-Meditation

Diana Krall-Besame Mucho

Art Pepper – The Man I Love

Octobop -Walkin Shoes

Ellen La Fern-I’ve Got The World On A String

Ixtahule-El Nada

Codename Carter-Time Bomb

Lalo Schifrin-Rio After Dark

Lee Selmoco-Blue Media

Tiki Tones-Night Of The Tikis

Project Pimento- Shot In The Dark

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Bargains Galore

You’ll be amazed what Koop found on his morning walk!

Stan Getz and Chick Corea -Con Alma

Bill Evans-I Should Care

Atlantic Five Jazz Band-Days Of Wine And Roses

Dave Brubeck-So This Is Love

Tiki Torches- Yellow Bird

Stan Levy -Lover come Back To Me

Pepper Adams Quartet -Freddie Froo

Alex North -Unchained Melody

Chet Baker—You Better Go Now

John Lewis- Bags Groove

Beegie Adair-Tangerine

Shelley Mann-The Breeze And I

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-What Is It All About

Koop gets all philosophical about what is Cocktail Jazz…it’s deep man, real deep!
Frank Sinatra -Nice And Easy
Dean Martin-There’s No Tomorrow
Elvis-It’s Now Or Never
Ann Margret-Call Me Darling
Allen Smith Quartet-Here To Stay
Buddy Greco -So Danca Samba
Paul Desmond-Easy Living
Cannonball Adderly-Autumn Leaves
Barney McCall -Mysteriss
James Morrison -I Fall In Love To Easily
Tiki Lounge Crew-Upscale Cocktail.