Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse -X Ray Machine 

We live in a world of turmoil with China creating weird social experiments, Russia prancing around menacingly and lets not forget the Election!  Lets kick back with some cocktail jazz!

Octobop-Beautiful Love
Bill Evans-My Funny Valentine
Miles Davis- When Lights Are Low
Cannonball Adderly-Autumn Leaves
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers-Come Rain Or Shine
Sean Smith Quartet- Minor Peace
Henry Mancini – Blue Mantilla
Aaron Diehl Trio-Round Midnight

Cocktail Nation-Ultimate Martini

this week on the show a great place for the tiki lovers to visit, we talk Martini’s with the author of a new book called Ultimate Martini. We talk swank advice on getting the best service

Spy Fi-Man From UNCLE Theme

Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat pack-Night In Tunisia

New Morty Show-Blue Martini

Bobby Darin-I Can’t Believe

Dizzy Gillespie-Be Bop

Daniela Schachter-Come Fly With Me

Narco Lounge Combo-Sea Of Hollywood

Diana Dors-Let There Be Love

Lionel Hampton -Vibra holiday

Rebeca Angel-Jet Samba

Sharps-Flintstones Theme

Don Ralke -Poison Dart

Robert Drasin-Aloha

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-The Meaning Of Dreams

A chap I know got a role where he was paid to sleep. It was his dream job.Tonight we dream away our troubles with Cocktail Jazz


Tony Bennett-Street Of Dreams

Wendy Pederson-Round Midnight

Robert Drasnin-South Of The Sulu Sea

Oscar Peterson -The Man I Love

Lyn Stanley -It’s Crazy

Marlene Ver Plank-Too Late Now

Frank Sinatra-Moonlight Serenade

Gene Rains-Lonely Winter   

Jackie Gleason-Sweet Sue, Just You

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse –  Yabba Dabba Do

​Yesterday I made the mistake of watching the Presidental debate. It caused me to fall asleep on the couch for two hours and I wasted valuable time that could have been spent writing my next book. I am angry with both candidates now. Lucky for them I can’t vote in this stupid election! 

Let’s kick back instead with more productive ventures in that of Cocktail Jazz. 

The Sharps-Flintsones Theme

Dee Bridgewater- YouKali

Antonio Adolfo-All The Things You Are

Wendy Pederson-It Aint Necessarily So

Tony Bennett-Fly Me To The Moon

Jackie Gleason-Deep Purple

Bill Evans-My Funny Valentine

Aaron Diehl -Le Tombeau de couperin

James Morrison-My Beautiful

Larry Gelb-If My Life Were Pleasant

Cocktail Nation Twilight Show-MCM Homes

This we find out about mid century modern homes in Portland and a lady who sells them.

There’s a book about collectible kitchy stuff, our world of swank and a cool blog in the blogoshphere. It’s the cocktail nation bringing the world of swank to your living room.
Martini Kings-Days of Wine and Roses

Kenny Sasaki-Slow Dancer

Tiki Joes Ocean-Haleiwa

Under the Midnight Sun

Dexter Gordon- The Shadow of Your Smile

DJ Bonebrake- Abstract

HB Radke- Baby Skye

Les Baxter-Venzuela

Jackie Gleason-The House Is Haunted

Hugo Montenegro—Perfidia

Duke Ellington- Flirtibird

Pink Martini-Tea For Two

Ernestine Anderson- My Kinda Love

Spy Fi-Then Play Down

Tak Shindo – High Noon



Matt Damon Is A Time Traveller

This week a listener sent me undeniable proof that time travel exists and that there are perhaps a group of time travelers taking advantage of knowledge from the past to have successful careers 

This is a photo from February 1961 which was recently posted online of Matt Damon getting married. His secret is now fully in the public eye.

Past Matt Damon (if that’s even his real name) appears in a black-and-white photo, smiling at a woman who gazes back dreamily into his eyes.

It’s time to come clean Matt Damon and tell us about your time machine and your time travels. The public demands it!

I have contacted Matt Damon for comment and at this stage he has not responded.