The Mystery Of DB Cooper

One of America’s most baffling crimes — that of hijacker “DB Cooper” who jumped out of a plane with a parachute and ransom money 45 years ago — looks set to remain an enigma.

The FBI said after one of the longest and most exhaustive probes in its history, it will no longer actively investigate the case of the man who called himself Dan Cooper and became known as “DB Cooper”.

It said after looking at all credible leads, enough is enough — resources spent on the Cooper case will be redirected to “focus on other investigative priorities”.

On November 24, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper had approached a Northwest Orient Airlines counter in Portland, Oregon and used cash to buy a one-way ticket on flight 305 to Seattle, Washington.
Cooper was wearing a business suit with a white shirt and black tie and appeared to be a quiet man in his mid-40s, the FBI said on its website.

While waiting for the Boeing 727 flight to take off, he ordered a bourbon and soda.

During the flight, he gave a flight attendant a note indicating he had a bomb in his briefcase and wanted her to sit with him, and she obeyed.Opening his attache case, Cooper gave the flight attendant a glimpse of wires and red-coloured sticks inside, the FBI said.

He asked her to write a note and take it to the plane’s captain, demanding four parachutes and $US200,000 in $US20 notes.
When the plane landed safely in Seattle, he exchanged the flight’s 36 passengers for the ransom money and parachutes, but kept several crew members on board.
He then ordered the plane to fly to Mexico City.
But somewhere between Seattle and Reno, just after 8:00pm (local time), he jumped from the back of the plane with a parachute and the money, falling through the freezing night air.
He left his black tie behind.

The plane landed safely, but no sign of Cooper was ever found again.

The FBI said they tracked leads, and by the five-year anniversary of the hijacking, more than 800 suspects had been considered.

One person from the list, Richard Floyd McCoy, remains a favourite among many, the FBI said.

“We tracked down and arrested McCoy for a similar airplane hijacking and escape by parachute less than five months after Cooper’s flight,” the FBI said on its website.

“But McCoy was later ruled out because he didn’t match the nearly identical descriptions of Cooper provided by two flight attendants and for other reasons.”

The FBI said it was possible Cooper did not survive the jump.

“After all, the parachute he used couldn’t be steered, his clothing and footwear were unsuitable for a rough landing and he had jumped into a wooded area at night,” it said.

Bundles of crumbling $US20 notes from the ransom money were unearthed by a small boy on a sandbar in the Columbia River in 1980, giving a boost to the theory he had died.

Evidence that will be preserved for historical purposes at FBI headquarters in Washington include that money, the man’s black tie and a parachute, the New York Daily News reported.

Cocktail Nation 414 Classic Comedy Vaughn Meader



This week we have classic comedy from a JFK impersonator from the sixties called Vaughn Meader pluswe talk about one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the 20th century

The Sharps-Caravan

Narco Lounge Combo-Miserlou

Henry Mancini -It Had Better Be Tonight

Les Baxter-Barquita

Les Baxter -Because Of You

Tiki Joes Ocean-Belles Of Bombay

Jeff Denson Quartet-The Circle

Martin Denny -Quiet Villagey

Codename Carter- The Heist

Si Zentner- From Russia With Love

Kaylene Peoples-How Insensitive

Stolen Idols-Kyoto Protocol

Warren Barker-Deep Night

HB Radki-Martinis and Pearls



Cocktail Nation Twilight Show-Shag Swings By

On the show this week we talk to Tony Marscio from the Martini Kings about the stack of releases from the guys recently some great music to add to your collection, Last friday night I caught up with Shag at the Outre Gallery here in Sydney and I’ll play back that chat for you as we check out his inscrutable mystery guide, our segments ask Koop and the blogosphere back this week


Vibes On Velvet-Jorges Basement

Cal Tjader-The Way You Look Tonight

Martini Kings-Lost In Paradise

Julie London- The End of a Love Affair

Waitiki7 -Ruby Janet Seidel- Straight To Baby

Moe Koffman- Swinging Shepard Blues

Acutal Rafiq-One way ticket to Thrillville

Frank Sinatra- The Best is Yet To Come

Alvino Rey-A Swingin Fling

Les Baxter- Saturday Night on Saturn

Chet Baker- The Touch of Your Lips

Frank Bennett -Everything Counts

Tiki Joes Ocean-Sand Bar


Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Love Letters

Tonight perched upon high in the penthouse as we watch the trail of red stop lights from the cars as they move across the  city of Sydney.

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse. So kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !

Oscar Peterson Lester Young Almost Like Being In Love

Lionel Hampton Tenderly

Astrud Gilberto Dindi

Stan Getz A Handful Of Stars

Sarah Vaughan Its Crazy

Dinah Washington I get a Kick


Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Dancing Champagne Bubbles

Tonight perched upon high in the penthouse as we watch the Dazzling and  hypnotic dance of champagne bubbles

Join Koop Kooper for this special mid week edition of the Cocktail Nation as the Lounge Leader spins Cocktail Jazz from the Sydney Penthouse. So kick back and grab a martini and take in the view from the Penthouse with a good dose of Cocktail Jazz !

Bobby Darin -Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Dean Martin-My Heart Reminds Me

Paul Desmond-Easy Living

Zoot Sims-How Deep Is the Ocean

Bobby Troup-The Feeling Of Jazz

George Shearing-Isn’t It Romantic

Martial Solal-Round Midnight

George Dunning-That Cat Again

Jackie Gleason-Melancholy Serenade

Hank Garland-Rainy Afternoon

James Spencer-Southern Stars

Tony Bennett-The Last Time I Saw ParisScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.42.01 PM

Cocktail Nation 413 Les Baxter Bio

This week we have a chat to James Spencer about his new bio on Les Baxter, we head to the Blogoshere with a cool blog for the gals to check out and Cherry Capri has some advice on how to treat new neighbours. News on an old tv franchise that is being brought back for netflix and one that is brand new that you just have to check out!

Louisville Sluggers- Time For Swinging

Tiki Lounge Crew-Copa Del Mar

Les Baxter-Quiet Village

Gene Rains-Flamingo

Peggy Lee-The Boy From Ipanema

City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra-Lost In Space

Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice

The Acca Dacquiries-Wild Thing

Chet Baker And Strings You Better Go Now

Pat Longo-Rhapsody In blue

Liberace-Tico Tico

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Dancing In The Dark

Julie Lyon Quartet- All or Nothing At All

Kahuna Kawentizman -Kava Village

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Maitais On The Moon

Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse – I Like The Nightlife

 In this crazy mixed up world of zombies wandering around with Pokemon on their minds it makes sense to lock the door and  close the blinds and dig some cocktail jazz.
Johhny Hartman -Sleeping Bee

Ella Fitzgerald Oscar Peterson These Foolish Things

Queen Latifah Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

Diana Krall Dream a Little Dream Of Me

Chet Baker The Touch Of your Lips

Oscar Peterson Milt JacksonOn Green Dolphin Street