Swank Advice-Why Being on time is Important 

Have you ever been to a meeting where only a couple of people have turned up at the appointed time and you are waiting for the rest of the motley crue of slacker to turn up. I know I have and I always find it very frustrating. To me it seems insulting that people feel that their time is more important than yours. Punctuality is a mark of respect that you show to other people. 

Being a radio guy I am accutely aware of time, from timing out to the national news, to doing both live and recorded interviews. To be on time requires mindfulness, planning and keeping an eye on that thing on your wrist .
Today it’s even easier to be on time with all the apps we have that even give you an idea of how the traffic is going.

Being late to me signifies you dont care about the person you are meeting, or your own reputation which is unmasked as being sloppy. The Swank man turns up on time.