Holy Batmobile Batman!


I  am fortunate to be of an age when sixties Batman was on the box every afternoon when I came home from school.

It was  a highlight of the day and I am so glad that it was being re run in those days on free to air TV. To me it was a brand new series, I had no idea it was fifteen years since it had been on air when I was watching munching on a ham sandwich after school.


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 3.53.09 pm

Since then I’ve seen numerous episodes on DVD but what strikes me as interesting is that I had no idea as a little kid that this series was sooo very funny. To me it was serious stuff and each week I would wonder if Batman would make it!


I think today I actually appreciate the series even more for witty dialogue, the sharp images and the comedy gold! Ofcourse as an eight year old all that went over my head as I donned my own Batman outfit which consisted of an offical mask, utility belt and towel as a cape because the plastic bat cape generally broke after a month of batman adventures in the backyard.

These days I often come across Batman collectible merch online and am tempted to buy it but I tend to feel guilty about spending money on toys as a middle age man so I simply admire from afar.

About the only thing I would consider would be purchasing a real replica Batmobile to take to the streets in, sadly I think I could be going down a dark path if I bought one because then I would need a proper costume…yeah I don’t want to tempt myself to go down that path of no return!

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