It seems that as humans we have lost the ability to focus on one thing.
Recently I was at a friends place to watch a rare classic movie he had managed to track down. It was a much anticipated event and I was excited to see the movie and discuss it afterwards with my friends.
Whilst watching the movie I felt more and more agitated as I glanced around to see most people in the room glued to their phones with one eye on the screen. And guess what….they couldn’t follow the film and began to make stupid comments that if they had have paid attention they wouldn’t be asking.
Newsflash…movies very often have complex story lines with many layers and human dynamics that can only be grasped properly with a little thing called concentration. It’s a growing problem in todays society where people simply can’t be in the moment and actually focus on one thing at a time.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love quality time on my device just as much as the next guy, unless that person is Kim Kardashian. I just know how to focus and be in the moment. Nothing beats seeing the world through your own eyes and not through the lens of a device.
Be in the moment when watching a film and if you can’t be then don’t ask stupid questions or make dumb observations.

(note-These are NOT my friends, these losers are simply stock footage.)