Cocktail Nation 561 – Lounge Special-Korla Pandit

This week a Lounge Special with Korla Pandit as the focus.

As always I will bring you a deep thought, World of Swank gig guide with what remaining things are still on, a fun fact for vintage calendar collectors and ofcourse the best lounge from across the globe

Dom Halpin- Mambo

RCR- Deadly Nightcall

Baby Grand – Lazy Day in Saint-Tropez

Ukexotic- Misirlou

Cal Tjader- Yesterdays

Mustard Alegro- Rusty Android Frantically Looking For WD40

M Squad- Mission- Impossible

Mitch and Mitch – San Francisco

Albare- Água De Beber

Martha Raye- Lotus Land (with Phil Moore Orchestra)

Don Sargent And His buddies- Voodoo Kiss

Super Trombone- Pink Panther Theme