Evenings At The Penthouse-K

I do love the letter K and for obvious reasons, Mr James Spencer has brought a list of songs to me that involve that letter so lets explore this marvelous letter K.

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James Spencer-A Kooper Kocktail

Bob Arthurs-Kyiv Waltz

Bobby Hammock-Key West

Cy Coleman-Kiss and Run

Frank Bennett-Kiss Me Son Of God

George Shearing-Kinda Cute

Jeff Denson Trio – Kays Trance

Johnny Costa-Kiss From You

Laura Ainsworth-Keep it To Yourself

Marilyn Monroe -Kiss

Martin Denny-Beautiful Kahana

Matt Dennis-Give Her A Kiss

Singers Unlimited-Killing Her Softley

Robert Drasnin Kahlula Mist

Octobop-Keester Parade

Paul Weston Keepin Out Of Mischief