Cocktail Nation 570-Kramers Classic Movie Suggestions-The Front

This week Kramer is back with another Saturday night movie suggestion, I bring my own suggestion as well plus a look at Lounge Life magazine and a whole bunch of new music this week!

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Linda Carone-So Many Beautiful Men So Little Time

Roland Remington- – Alley Cat

Serge Gainsbourg-Le Talkie-Walkie

Octobop-The Brothers Go to Mother’s

Martini Kings-Hawaii Five-O

Uke Exotic- Muchos Diablos

Acca Daiquiris- Wild Thing

Dennis Farnon-Arrivederci, Baby! 

Dino Martinis- Ring

Kenny Saskai-The Undercover Man

Alien Fashion Show- Cool Thing

Spy Fi- Secret Agent Man

Sg Sound- Jump the Shark

BSO-The Footloose Doll

Frank Bennet-Post Impressions