Cocktail Nation 573-Lounge Special-Annie Ross


This week a Lounge Special  on Annie Ross, as promised and we take a look at the film Greyhound with our movie reviewer Rusty

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Joey Altruda- Cha-Cha #69

Alex Khaskin-Mister Bond  

Annie Ross- Twisted

Nutty-That Old Black Magic Woman

The Sharps- Tenor Madness

Acca Daiquiris- White Wedding

Skip Heller-Watch Us Burn

Frank Sinatra- Let’s Get Away from It All.

Sammy Davis Jr-Somethings Gotta Give

Tony Bennett-Manhatten

Voodoo Organist- Steely Tiki Prog Grog

Waitiki 7-When First I Love

SG Sound- Riviera Drive

Roland Remmington- If It Isn’t Love