Koop is Back for 2021

This week we talk to Mike from M Squad to kick of 2021 from his album Live on the Sunset Strip

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Ixtahuele-Mareld remix

Exotic a Go Go -Moon Hawk

MSquad-Mission Impossible

Martini Kings-Las Neudas

Grant Green-How Insensitive

Cozy Cole-Big Noise From Winnetka

Barry Adamson -The Big Bamboozle

Woody and The Senator -Cocktail Time

Vibes On Velvet-Ink Mysterioso

Dan Stein-Mr Cool

The Exotic Lounge -CoronaVirus

Baby Grand-Pan Am To Cannes

Tiki Delights-Fahionably Late Again

Code Name Carter-Signal in the Noise

Dave Grusin-The Girl From UNCLE