Cocktail Nation 592 – Lounge Special-Chick Corea

This week a Lounge Music special as we take a look at the recently departed Chick Corea and one of his most important albums. Coming your way is clue 4 for our Mission Possible competition, news on the Tiki Kon coming your way

Frank Bennett-Would I Lie To You

Martini Kings-Hawaii Five 0

Chick Corea – Now He Sings,Now He Sobs

Chick. Corea-My One and Only Love 

Mancini-Mr Lucky

Jazz Vibes-Vibraphone Be Bop

George Dunning-Ship Shook

Francis Lai-A Man and A Woman

Beat Generation-Beatnik Lounge

Schapiro 17 -So What

Linda Carone-So Many Beautiful Men

Les Baxter-Mood Tattooed

David Baker -Be Bop