Words With Wellsy-Sinatra The Life


Wow can you believe we are up to show 600! Seriously! Feels like yesterday I came up with the concept and put it on then air! Anyway Gary Wells from Soulride blog.com is back and he has a book for us about the chairman of the board.


Swingadelic -The Late Late Show 

Martini Kings-Wave

Frank Sinatra-Fly Me Tp The Moon

Code name Carter-Botched OP

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Bailer con Freddoe

Carla Marsciano- Theme From Vertigo

Exotic A Go Go-Girl with the raven hair

Ian Charleston-A Fresh Perspective

Dan Rose -Body and Soul

Nutty-Same Old Scat

Uke Exotic Lost Islanders

Dave Miller Trio-Cry Me A River