Spyvibe- Nicola Conte Jet Sounds


A jam packed show this week as Jason Whiton takes  us on a a trip to the beginnings of the Lounge Revival, I have a new segment that will run for a little while with David Gasten bringing us a track from his latest compilation album This is Vintage Now Vol 2, there is some new music from Ixtahuele  band a  celebration of a win in the Lounge scene 


Richard Cheese- Viva Las Vegas

Louisville Sluggers-Blow It Baby

Nicola Conte-Mission To Bombay


Schaprio 17- A Bounce in Her Step

Rebecca Dumaine- Samba De Mon Coeur Qui Bat

Laura Ainsworth- An Occasional Man

Jet Set Six-Perpetual Batchelor

Waitiki 7 -Coronation

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Tabu For Two

Ian Charleton  Big Band- Party On Park

Combustible Edison- Call of the Space Siren