Some exciting news with Ixtahuele releasing a new album recently so we will catch up with Mathias Uneback for the latest on this new album release with a spectacular video to go with it! Got some great stories in Lounge Life Magazine and ofcourse the World Of Swank Gig Guide.


The Sexican-Cuarto De La Banda 

Nutty-Touchy (I Have The TouchLuck Be A Lady)

Ixtahuele- Manna 

Henry Mancini-  Holly 

Arturo Sandoval-Be Bop

James Spencer-Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Swingadelic- El Blues Esa Mujer 

Martini Kings-Bags Groove

Guiseppe Vasapolli- Arthur’s Dark Stories

Robert Drasnin – Hulabalu

Tiki Delights-Cosmopolitan

Frank Bennett- Distant Harmonies