Cocktail Nation Spyvibe-Spycatcher

This week it’s a bit of a fan favourite…Spy Jazz, all spy tunes from across the globe and Jason Whiton from joins us to talk about Spycatcher plus our look at Lounge Life magazine and I go deep with another random thought.

Lalo Schifrin-Mission Impossible

Alex Khaskin-Bond The Spy

Shunji Kanō-Spycatcher

Spy Fi-Black Tie Spy

Hollywood Film Music-Body Language

Robby Poitevin-Amore All Italiana

Huge Montenegro-Theme From I Spy

Robert Short -Baracuda Smile

Robby Poitevin-The Syndicate

Roland Shaw Theme- From The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Si Zentner-James Bond Theme Swingerhead-She Could Be A Spy

Skip Heller’s Hot Seven-Spy Perfume

Beat Generation-Spytime

Jim Beuning-The Mission

Kenny Sasaki-Jill The Spy

Combustible Edison-Spy Vs Spy

Bruno Nicolai-Spy Chase

Dan Stein-Spy Groove

Nicolas Godin-Au Service De La France