Lounge Special -Clouseaux


We are delving into the archives with another Lounge special and this time the band Clouseaux and Jay Brooks. Coming up a new show you might want to check out, a look at Lounge Life magazine and ofcourse the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.


Richard Cheese- Sharp Dressed Man

Nutty-This Here Madly Medley (Love Her MadlyThis Here)

Clouseaux-Search For A Vulcan

The Exotica Lounge- Big Bossa Man

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica- Let’s Dance

Kenny Sasaki- At the Tiki Bar

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited- Robotheque

SG Sound- Riviera Drive

Tiki Joes Ocean- Sacred Island

Tnek Jazz Quintet- Unit 7

Baby Grand- Lazy Day in Saint-Tropez

Exotica A Go Go-Big Bossa

Dave Grusin-The Girl From UNCLE

Bill Conti- Cocktails

Milt Jackson-Come Rain Or Shine

Tiki Delights- Margarita 

Narco Lounge Combo- The Palms