Lounge Special-SG Sound


A Lounge special this week as we revisit an interview from a few years back …talking to Steve Greaves from the SG Sound and  will take a look at the world of swank gig guide plus some social commentary!


The Naughty Ones- Trapped In A Web Of Love

Nutty – Jive Barracuda

SG Sound- A Latin Affair

Orchestra Heinz Kiessling- One Trick Pony

Warner Chappell Productions-Into Thin Air

Hugo Montenegto- A Martini Built for Two

Octobop-El Gaucho

James Morrison- Max

Paul Phillips- Harlem Nocturne

New Morty Show- Blue Martini

Karen Souza-Tainted Love

Sergio Mendes-Slow Hot Wind

James Moody-Darben the Redd Foxx

Mancini-Playboy’s Theme

Rebecca Angel- Jet Samba