Cocktail Nation 624 Best Of The Best 2021

Well it’s been a challenging year ….again but I am pleased to say that despite that we have a wide range of new releases for the year.

This week as we wind of the cocktail nation season I bring you the best of the best to enjoy.

The Sexican- Cuarto De La Banda

Tony Bennett- Love For Sale

Tiki Delights-Shaken Not Stirred

Richard Cheese-Viva Las Vegas 

James Spencer Autumn In New York

M Squad- A Shot In The Dark

Ryan Christopher -Where Or When


Scott Denny Jade To Black Book

Mike McMahon James Bond-No More Promises  

Edward Simon -Monks Mood

Tim Mayer Fight Scene

David Gasten

Robert Drasnin-Hulabalu

Ixtahuele -Manna

Douglas Lee Evening Stars of Cyrangoon