The Lost Of Art Of Going Out

I heard an ad on the radio talking about how you will never have to leave your home again and how this product could be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and I thought to myself that for a long time people were happy to go out and leave their home but these days we stay locked in our homes, fearful of crime, getting the covid and generally interacting via the internet…now people work from home, have home gyms and get everything delivered…how sad we dont like to interact in real life. Interestingly some people don’t even know how to anymore…there is a whole generation of people who have never even spoken to the opposite sex in person for the first time….instead the meet them online first.

Some people dont even know how to interact in public. The other day I saw some wise guy mouthing of at boxing legend Mike Tyson whilst on a plane and he got a knuckle sandwich. Made me think, some people deserve a smack in the mouth simply because they don’t know how to behave, sure violence is bad but some people need one right in the kisser to teach them a lesson.